Frequently Asked Questions

Go to your account and then click on PAYMENT SETTINGS, choose Bank transfer and set your details as it is shown below;



Your Bank name

Your Ban IBAN number

Your Bank swift code 

For Bank sort code (write your bank address included)



   There are several differences between first-grade accounts and second-grade accounts some of which are below ;



With a first grade account, you will be able to send money to another user through email address, you will have access to request loan up to 10000 dollars.


  All first grade account holders must undergo a thorough verification process before they can be approved.


   All first grade account holders can deposit money into the account through PayPal, Payoneer,Skrill or bank transfer.


     All first grade accounts can be integrated directly with any payment platform such as PayPal,Payooner, Skrill,Cash app,and several others as a payment gateway in order to receive money through any website.


    Our first grade account holders are seen as trusted and reliable users as they have fully undergone several verification processes to be approved.


  Please note that all first grade accounts cannot be less than 90 days in existence.










Go to your account dashboard and click on the menu,select PAYMENT SETTINGS and then choose any withdrawal method of your choice and fill in the needed details



Green points are earned whenever new users are introduced to Pay-secured services, they can be used to purchase any premium wallet, its value is slightly stable.


This is a new system of sending and receiving money from one device to another without restriction from any authorities. This is possible through the help of modern technology called BLOCKCHAIN , integrators are different and also slightly similar to block chains while blockchains does not integrate with bank accounts, PayPal accounts and other payment gateway institution, integrator does, this makes it so different.Go and verify your account now, you must also use your PayPal account ID or any other payment methods detail to integrate directly with your account.


Whenever Money is sent to that ID from another integrator, the money will go to Pay-secured server before entering the users wallet then the user can request for withdrawal